Are so called "fossil" fuels immoral?

How much have fossil fuels benefited humanity? Is there a moral case for their use?
A Podcast featuring Alex EpsteinAaron Ross Powell, and Trevor Burrus

The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

Gerald Celente – Shocking Swiss Move Only The Beginning Of A Much Larger Global Meltdown

"So the worst is yet to come and there is no way out.  And I would suggest to people as they look around the world at the geopolitical problems that are going on and how so many countries are becoming police states — under the guise of terrorism — that they ask themselves:  Are these countries really afraid of terrorism or are they afraid of their own populations that are losing everything and will take to the streets?  Because that’s what we see coming.  We see a global collapse.  There’s no recovery — it’s been a coverup.”


Justice Department Ends Unconstitutional Property Seizure Program

The Department of Justice has announced that it will be ending its Equitable Sharing Program. The Washington Post reports that the Equitable Sharing Program “has enabled local and state police to make seizures and then have them ‘adopted’ by federal agencies, which share in the proceeds. The program allowed police departments and drug task forces to keep up to 80 percent of the proceeds of the adopted seizures, with the rest going to federal agencies.”
The end of this federal program is a good step in the right direction. Though, there are some exceptions to the no seizure rule and police can still seize private property under their own state laws.

Civil asset forfeiture laws have allowed police departments to seize private property from people suspected of a crime, sell it for profit, and use the proceeds to fund their operation.The real kicker is that one does not technically need to be convicted of a crime or even arrested to permanently lose their property. READ MORE


The BamboozleCare Rollout


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