Thank you for praying: Obama Puts Syria Strike On Pause As Possible Diplomatic Solution Emerges

In a potentially dramatic change of course, President Barack Obama told ABC News on Monday that he does not expect any votes in Congress in the near term on the use of force in Syria while the administration takes time to explore a diplomatic solution.

"I don't anticipate that you would see a succession of votes this week or anytime in the immediate future," Obama said. "So I think there will be time during the course of the debates here in the United States for the international community, the Russians and the Syrians to work with us and say is there a way to resolve this."

The diplomatic solution is not final but it involves the possible support of Russia, according to news reports. Obama said a military strike against Syria would "absolutely" be on pause if the regime agrees to do away with its chemical weapons as part of a diplomatic solution.

"I consider this a modestly positive development," he told ABC.

Keep Praying For Syria

Mimetic Mondays: Reflections on Syria

By Adam Ericksen and Suzanne Ross

As the world wrestles with how to respond to the use of chemical weapons against civilians in Syria, we thought we’d offer you some mimetic reflections on the use of violence. Mimetic theory is an anthropological theory of human violence that has theological implications. The reflections in this article are from friends of ours who are guided by the mimetic insight about violence in their work as preachers, teachers, bloggers, film producers, activists and civilian peacekeepers.

What is the mimetic insight about violence? What you will observe in their comments and prayers are two basic insights: (1) that violence creates more violence as adversaries become mirror images or doubles of each other and (2) Jesus came to shake our faith in violence as a means to achieve peace. Jesus knew that we have persistently and to our own detriment relied on violence to keep the peace, and that in so doing good people lose our claim to being any better than our adversaries.